Scarlett Beaufort

United Kingdom


From England’s royal charm, through to the rugged hilltops of the Emerald Isles and the wildcard nature of Scotland. With so much to see, the UK is never short of delights and probably a place I will never finish exploring. But we can try right? Let’s dine at the worlds finest or escape to the countryside and tick off bucket list items together. I try to visit the UK at least once or twice a year but my time is limited once my trip is booked, so if you are interested in spending a few hours sight-seeing, or simply meeting and greeting together, I suggest you get in touch well in advance so I can pencil in our meeting.


Upcoming Travel:
october 2019

I plan my travels around a variety of things, including people who want to meet - sometimes this means there are no travel costs for me to come meet you (unless you want exclusivity / feeling gentlemanly) but only if it’s going to work with my current plans. So feel free to reach out to me with tentative / possible plans to meet anytime and if it doesn’t work, you can fly me to you!


gift (£GBP)

One day • 2500
two days • 3500

~relaxed timing
UK bank account available for deposits.


Fly Me To You

If my travel timetable doesn’t suit you, perhaps you have a conference you’d like me to join you for, or hell, just because! Then my fly-me-to-you option is perfect.

All you need to do is let me know your preference for how long you wish to travel together. Just add on my flights to the rate. While I prefer advance planning, I can be available with only 48 hours notice if my calendar permits!


Travel NOTES

I love travel and I'm jetting about all year, if you want to know when I'll be back in the UK you can subscribe to my tour notifications below.