North America


North America, you smorgasbord of life-changing experiences. I can’t wait for the day I get to say I’ve visited all 50 states and so you know I’ll be back for more. My touring will be limited, however I’m always happy to try add your city to my visit for 3+ hour meetings. Please enquire using the booking form below, or subscribe to notifications for your city.


Upcoming Travel

I’ll be returning between August - November 2019 and will only be available for prebooked appointments. I am available to meet in any major US city for any of my meet and greet packages.


Gift / Koha

express lunch / 2000 $USD
extended dinner / 3000 $USD
fourteen hours / 4000 $USD
twenty four / 5000 $USD


Tour Notifications

I love travel and I'm jetting about all year, if you want to know where else I'll be in the world please subscribe to my tour + travel notifications below.