please me

you can't please everyone, fact of life. it's literally impossible, there will always be those who doesn't agree with the way you see things, people who think their vision of a rose garden looks far better than yours.

so who should you focus on pleasing?

answer, yourself.

our versions of happy are unique to our souls, so why live up to be anyone's version of happy but your own. the haters will call us selfish for living our best lives, but i say, so long as your not being a psychopath/asshole, f--k em. these naysayers will always set the bar higher than you can reach if you try please them.

focus on you, find your glow and live your best life. you'll find yourself attracting those that are pleased by who you are and what your doing.


s xo


currently playing: i can't quit you baby by led zeppelin

mm, this song makes me imagine an exposed brick apartment, balcony doors open with sheer curtains dancing in the breeze. lying in bed, staring at the ceiling; spent from dirty, passionate bliss and moments ago, you were trying to say we couldn't do this anymore. but 'ohhh, I can't quit you baby'...