a change is as good as a rest


“The biggest risk a person can take is to do nothing.” — Robert Kiyosaki

When you haven't been living your life the way your soul really yearns to, where the fire inside you burns bigger and brighter; you become stagnant, too comfortable and bored. The mind becomes consumed with thoughts like, how the hell did I get here, what am I doing with my life, why don’t I recognize myself. They are some pretty uncomfortable feelings but instead of acknowledging we should do something about it, we find ways to cope and live in denial. Well, this was the case for me anyway.

Now, there’s no need to completely transform your life overnight, trying to change everything at once will probably lead you back to square one. In my last blog, I became woke to how I was living my life, the fog cleared and realised I was in the driver’s seat; life didn’t need to be on autopilot. What previously seemed like a dire situation I was trapped in didn’t stress me anymore because I realised I could change my course, start being more accountable for my own life and making small changes for the better.

Cumulatively these small changes have manifested into a clearer direction for myself and really positive changes to my aura. I am more inspired, happier, more open to giving love and receiving love, I feel lighter and most of all, I trust myself and my gut more than ever. All of this clarity and energy has led me to make a bold move in my life. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?


This is where you come in, as a result of this change in my life,  for the time being, Scarlett is changing the way she is doing things. My rates are now inclusive of travel to select major cities in New Zealand and Australia, so you can see me without having to wait for me to tour and hopefully more frequently.

As of March, I am also going to have super-flexible availability which will make scheduling easier. Far-flung international gentleman, you already knew I was passport ready but with this open schedule, don’t dilly dally in 2018 if you want to fly-me-to-you.

I’ve updated my website to reflect this along with some new pictures to peruse, with more changes and pictures on their way, but this gets us started in a direction of more meaningful and deeper connections for 2018. Is anyone else getting turned on by all the possibilities?

I’m certainly excited and I honestly, truly can’t wait for our paths to cross.


Hey, also. If you’re thinking – "oh you’re so young, I could never make big changes to my life" or you feel that you’ve come too far down a particular road. Stop it, change doesn’t have to be a big thing. Start small and manifest what makes you a happier you. It’s never too late to find fulfillment in life, the road to get there just changes because you’ve missed the other turn offs. No biggie, there's always another route.

The time for action is now. Get your ass into gear, reflect on the lessons of where you’ve been, understand the moment you’re in and do something (in lieu of seeing me) that puts a smile on your face today.

Sending my love into the universe in hopes that it finds its way to you.


Scarlett xo