As the new year rapidly approaches and the resolutions have start to surface, I find myself reflecting too. This year has been simultaneously wonderful and melancholy and for the first time I’m not planning to go into a new year singing New Year, New Me with resolutions I’ll have ditched by the end of January (okay fine, the diet resolution lasts merely hours because that champagne hangover always calls for greasy goodness, #notsorry).

Instead, I’ve already started existing by the mantra of ‘living my best life’ each and every day and have been doing this a while now after being in a bit of a rut earlier this year and I’ve never been happier living my life for me and not for others.

In order to do this, I’ve had to let go of a lot of things this year. I’ve chosen to leave behind any hate that I held on to, those who have wronged me and hurt me have been forgiven and now forgotten. Muted is the little voice that doubts me and tries to stomp on my confidence. Gone are the people that waste my energy, the relationships that don’t warm my heart.

Disconnected are social media platforms that I thought I couldn’t live without. Ignored are those who only come to me seeking to dump their negativity on me and seek pity. Ta-ta to setting expectations of myself unattainably too high and trying to please everyone.  And the thing I’m most excited to do… leave a job that doesn’t value me and my (awesome) contributions.

Letting go of all this has allowed me to make room to focus my energy on things that allow me to flourish, grow and live a happier and healthier life today.

I’ve turned up the volume so I can listen to my intuition more and the intuition based decisions I’ve been making have been emotionally, financially and physically rewarding. I’ve revived my curious soul and I’m back to learning more and something new every day.

My head is back in books and reading more has started up my creative motor again in the form of a long term personal project. I’m hearing my bodies cries and I’ve been taking steps to investigate some health concerns I’ve previously brushed off. People have noticed I’m smiling more and stressing less and using ‘chuck it in the fuck it bucket’ more liberally. Thankful I have become for the amazing life I have because I’m no longer worrying if the grass is greener and I’m learning to share more of myself with others that deserve my time and attention.

*Ah, I've just been told I've run out of time and I've got to fly - I had more to say, but I'll wrap it up...*

So as we move into the new year with a champagne glass in hand, here’s to everything that was wonderful about 2017, to leaving what needs to be left behind in 2017 and in 2018 leveling up to become better versions of ourselves every day so that we all may live happy and fulfilling lives, surrounded by like-minded beautiful people.

Here’s to the best me, the best you and the best us.