Scarlett Beaufort

About Scarlett


In Short


20's / Brunette / 5'3" / New Zealand x South East Asian / Enhancements: No / Tattoos: No / Piercings: No / Bust: Natural D-Cup / Dress: UK 8-10 / Shoe: 37 / Based: Frequent Flyer


Know me better.


A doe-eyed mixed heritage beauty who hails from the Emerald of the Equator and Land of the Long White Cloud, my looks are ethereal and alluring.

My personality takes the curious and playful nature of a small-town girl and mixes it with big-city lust, confidence and charisma. I can be a paradoxical being - I present as an extrovert but am truly an introvert; your compliments make me shy and simultaneously keep me confident; I love backpacking but with a suitcase in tow and I live in a world of imagination and fantasy, yet am rooted to reality.

Down-to-earth and charmingly witty, I love getting to know people and forging genuine connections. I am not a 'rehearsed' persona, in fact around you I'm more likely to be more me then I usually get to be - there's no scripts and no need to wonder what I'm really like. I find this inspires confidence in my clients to feel at ease and share parts of themselves they unintentionally hide behind everyday facades.

Our time together is tailored to your individual needs, I truly cherish our fleeting moments and enjoying a moment of escapism from the busy pace of the world.


Treat me.

If you feel inclined to spoil me, you can find a few things I adore and lust for on my regularly updated wishlist.


Want to know more?

My personality is perfectly paired with a multitude of leisure pursuits, all of which are out of genuine attraction not affectation. With constant and endless interest in the wonders of the world and grandeur's of life, I find hard to narrow in on a few interests which range from my obsession with gin to love for being out in and on the ocean.

Throughout my life, I have actively pursued an interest in the arts. These days, my specific areas of interest differ from day to day and where I am in the world. Some days you will find me head in a book at the beach, others spending hours in a gallery or in my studio painting away, my preference is for abstract pieces and experimenting with unconventional materials when it comes to sculpture.

I also love photography - driven by a passion to better understand emotion, mood and perceptions of people and the world we live in. I own three different cameras, a DSLR, film SLR and an Instax camera. I also take an interest in other artistic areas such as Architecture and live art productions like comedy, ballet and opera shows.

This ties to my interest for music, in which I have a wide-ranging taste, again compelled by my mood, fascination for complex structures and nostalgia. From the classics through to country and melancholic pop, chances are I'll love your taste in music and if there is ever a song that reminds you of me, share it with me, I want to know.

I'm a spontaneous, multifaceted women who, despite my young age has already worn many hats. These days alongside my adventures as a private companion and personal interests, I am a creative entrepreneur. Balancing my time between these two jobs allows me to satisfy my love for learning and enlightening others, in personal and business capacities.

On a less ostentatious seeming note, I'll confess a few more things I love:

  • Catching the train of thought and finding myself 50 tabs deep on the internet

  • Airports and people watching

  • Saving hotel key cards and greeting cards

  • Gin, gin and more gin

  • Japanese (sashimi 4 lyf)

  • Trivia shows + (safe for work)

  • Karaoke

  • Beaches on stormy days

Still curious? I say it’s time to take the plunge and meet me…